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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States


Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.



Ra Ma Kaur calls on her passionate study of Kundalini Yoga, Elemental Medicine which includes the ancient Daoist lineage of Stone, Soundscapes, Ancestral Healing and Astrology to inspire and inform each offering she makes to her community. Current offerings include weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women's lunar gatherings, and ceremonies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  She works with women locally and virtually within the collective the Adi Shakti Coven.  Annually she offers a global pilgrimage in honor the Divine Feminine and an awakening of Earth stewardship. Ra Ma also makes handcrafted stone and plant medicines, flower essences and tonics, which are available in her apothecary. Offerings often emphasize the sacred sound science of mantra and gong bath healing. Ra Ma even chants mantra while making botanical and stone medicines in her kitchen. She is dedicated to midwifing cosmic evolution through the weaving of spaces of sovereign sanctuary where we may fall in love with our Earth.

She holds the feminine sacred and motherhood angelic force while creating a safe space for women to expand and go deeply in her presence. She is a gift to humanity and I confidently encourage anyone and everyone to be a student of her teachings.
— Kerry Utah Green

It is very clear that Ra Ma is a master of cultivating a safe and nurturing space for women to come together. She listens thouroughly to each individual and makes them feel special while offering insight. I would highly recommend joining her for a group circle or retreat. It will touch your life in a beautiful way and you will have fun!

—Rose Burgess, Greenville, SC

Working with Ra Ma has been beautifully and deeply transformative. She has been a catalyst in my rebirth and in reawakening my spiritual self. She emits gentleness and strength. She is magical, yet humble. She’s truly inclusive and empathic. Her energy and her medicine is pure. Ra Ma’s work comes from her heart - she is assisting in shifting the world’s perspective from fear to Love. She truly holds safe, sacred space for all to participate in deep healing for themselves and their lineage. I feel infinite gratitude for Ra Ma and I feel so honored to have crossed paths with her.

—Shelly Murray, RN, Asheville, NC

Being part of the Adi Shakti coven is an unforgettable experience. Ra Ma puts so much thought and loving energy into every part of this group. From the coursework available online to the live gatherings, you can't help but feel the care and support that is offered. Being part of such a dynamic group of dedicated women is a wonderful opportunity to feel grounded, uplifted and inspired.

—Rachel Nierstedt, Writer, Asheville, NC

I've been lucky enough to participate in two of Ra Ma's retreats so far and can't recommend them highly enough. Ra Ma creates a warm and loving environment where everyone is welcomed with open arms. These weekends will restore your soul.

—Elizabeth Lezius, Atlanta, GA

What a blessing it was for me to receive a reading from crystalline channel Ra Ma. She offers guidance from a grounded place of wisdom, intuition, grace, and kindness. I know my natal chart very well, and still she was able to bring forth new layers of understanding for me through her clear perspective. Ra Ma is a beautiful divine soul, blessing the world with her sacred offerings and gifts. I value our time together and all I received from her reading. Blessings to you, dear Ra Ma! 

--Angela de la Agua, Joshua Tree, CA

I love the way Ra Ma Kaur not only brings expertise and integrity to her wonderful kundalini yoga classes and personal astrology readings.   I also love how she brings inspiring, deep beautiful soulful wisdom, and knowledge that has impacted and enriched my life.  I feel blessed to have connected with her work, and recommend anything Ra Ma Kaur- Danielle offers.

—Jacqueline Brulotte - Adi Puran Kaur, Seattle, WA

Ra Ma is an ocean of wisdom, elevating all who enter her world with her gifts, knowledge, and insight. The amount of care, attention, and love she puts into her work leaves the recipient with an incredibly valuable gift: clarity and empowerment in a world where that is so hard to find. Ra Ma particularly helped me as a new entrepreneur, using her vast, deep understanding of Kundalini technology, stone medicine, and astrology to help me get in touch with my higher self, heal my past, and chart a course towards a brighter future. I would highly recommend anyone considering working with her to take advantage of her priceless offerings.

—Iris Cullinan, Business Coach, Asheville, NC

This pilgrimage, for me, was a remembering of my Divinity, a reconnecting with the Divine Feminine within. The attunment I received is in alignment with the Divine Feminine within me and my life as an initiate of the Mystery school of Isis as well as my connecting with my mother, Mary Magdalene. Ra Ma created a magical experience and held a sacred space for me to manifest and transform. With wisdom and grace, Ra Ma co-created an experience of profound growth and healing for me. Thank you RaMa for following your vision. Bissous.

—Gisele Perez, Healer, Asheville, NC

Magic by way of the stones, the plants, sacred water. . .In astrological shifts as these we need to remember ourselves.  We must ground and connect and transcend the emotions and energetic blocks and patterns that are arising and holding us back.  Ra Ma channeled divine love of both Avalon and the Magdalene in these alchemical elixirs.  Avalon's Mist contains those natural wonders of Glastonbury, quality oils from Star Child and holy waters.  Magdalene's Muse is something that must be felt.  Infused St. Joan's Wort oil and Roses from the garden mixed with double terminated quartz and Spikenard which Mary Magdalene used to anoint the feet.  Blessed be to have these energies abundant in Asheville.

—Jessica Marie Brown, Crystal and Subtle Herbalism, Asheville, NC

Ra Ma's ability to hold space is unique in the most graceful and sacred way. Whether it's among the beautiful circles of women she gathers or in her transformative private healing sessions, the gifts she shares are powerful medicine. From the deep well of her soul flows a gentle, loving energy and intuitive wisdom with which she weaves pure magic into the lives of those she touches

—Nicole Thoennes, Mother and Designer, Asheville, NC

Ra Ma Kaur's new and full moon gatherings are so powerful.  She blends clear astrological insights with practical embodiment practices, leaving me feeling grounded and uplifted at the same time. Her combination of stone medicine and Kundalini yoga is a potent formula for graceful transformation.  

—Christa Wilson, Private Chef and Yoga Instructor, SC

I have been working with Ra Ma since January of this year through her women's new moon group and Kundalini yoga class.  The Women's Wisdom Circles Ra Ma holds from her private home is always full of insight.  When you share with many women, especially those outside your usual, it can bring understanding to your experiences by revealing patterns that would otherwise remain hidden.

This past month I had the honor of working with her on a one on one basis.  I feel this is a pivotal time for humanity and thus I have a responsibility to do my soul's work for myself which equals for community.  This is my service work right now.  Ra Ma made this work fun, easy and always playful through her knowledgeable use of Stone Medicine (elixirs and body layouts! so *juicy* and amazing!), Kundalini sets made just for me, and our wonderful pre-session conversations.  I will be continuing my work with Ra Ma and hope to see the community she has gathered widen and flourish.  

Ra Ma's downloads are highly relevant right now to what I like to call, the Lady rEvolution.  I cannot recommend her enough, especially if you are in need of spiritual guidance and support. 
--Jeannie Stone, Energy Consultant, Activist, Asheville, NC

Ra Ma is an amazing teacher and healer.  She makes you feel welcomed, nurtured and loved with her kindness and compassion.  I learn so much in her classes, as she is full of knowledge and eloquently passes on healing tips and information.  Ra Ma incorporates stone medicine, delicious herbal/stone elixirs and healing drinks into her practices.

After her Kundalini yoga class I feel relaxed, restored and full of joy in my body and spirit.  The women's new moon gathering is a wonderful circle for healing, opening and connecting.  Ra Ma led us in meditation, yoga, chanting and prepared us for the weeks to come.  I felt such a sweet presence and thankful to be surrounded by her teachings and a wonderful group of women.  I left the circle fulfilled, nurtured and whole, with a deep sense of peace.  Her practices end with a deeply relaxing gong bath.  The sound washes over my body like ocean waves and touches a place deep in my soul.  Ra Ma is truly an amazing teacher and healer.     
— Nikki Solomon, Fiber Artist, Asheville, NC

I have participated in Ra Ma's Salt Cave New Moon gong sessions, New Moon Women's circle, manifestation workshops and regular classes.  Every experience I've had with Ra Ma has been heartfelt and has left me contemplating ways to dive deeper into my spiritual practice.  I look forward to my next class with Ra Ma.  You won't be disappointed.  She's very inspiring and has deep wisdom to share!  Sat Nam.  
— Beth Bluth, Holistic Health Coach, Asheville, NC

Ra Ma facilitates a women's New Moon group that is multi generational and nurtures the soul.  As a participant I have had the opportunity to learn more about Stone Medicine and details of upcoming New Moons.  Ra Ma speaks from her spirit and heals with her eyes.  She consistently gives her groups magical gong meditations.  One leaves her groups with a sense of community and connection.  
— Bonnie Benetato, Asheville, NC

Ra Ma.  Steady teacher, honest human, confident and inspiring warrior for the Earth and universal peace.  I feel such deep gratitude for her presence in my life.  Ra Ma speaks her words with reverence and purpose, always reminding her students of the need to keep up our practice in grace, reaching for the highest destiny imaginable.  She is truly brilliant, a gift to the Earth.  I am humbled and honored to be graced with her presence.  Sat Nam.   
— Amrita Prem Kaur, Teacher, Asheville, NC

Ra Ma Kaur's Kundalini yoga and meditation classes are inspiring, uplifting, deeply nurturing and filled with wisdom.  It is clear she lives and embodies the technology she teaches and her dedication to her students and the community are an inspiration!  I always feel deeply nourished after Ra Ma's classes and seek out every opportunity I can to attend them.  I am grateful we have such a powerful teacher in our community.  Sat Nam.
— Kerri Aab, Bach Flower Therapist, Asheville, NC

One instantly feels Danielle's dedication to her students alongside the practice, and passion for sharing the science and knowledge of Kundalini with others.  She's authentic, genuine, skilled and guided by her heart ... all attributes in which I feel is not easily found - even in the yoga community.  In every class you learn something new. From how the body functions, to why certain poses affect particular areas of one's life, to aligning with your higher self - all with a slight blend of metaphysics ... it's not your average class, but then again it's not your average practice nor teacher.

Recently I began taking private classes with Danielle in an effort to soak up the amazing knowledge my teacher has to share and to see how deep my practice can go.  Not to mention, her newest introduction arrived in the form of a gong - vibrational work is something like no other.  I no longer "search" for my calling in yoga as I've landed exactly where I was destined to be.  Now my teacher will assist me in staying open and transformed: mind, body and soul.  The journey has come full circle and I can't wait to see where Danielle takes my spiritual practice. She is a true inspiration to women, men, our community and Kundalini as a whole.  So proud to be her student.  
— Michelle Witherby, Founder and CEO of O&N Collective, Asheville, NC

I have practiced yoga for almost 20 years, but had very little exposure to Kundalini Yoga until a dear friend introduced me to Ra Ma's Friday morning class at Veda Studio.  I have also been fortunate enough to attend a full moon gathering hosted by Ra Ma.  My experience has been that Kundalini is a full body (and by full body I truly mean full bodies--physical, breath energetic, etc.) gift, especially as shared by Ra Ma.  Each class, and the gathering I attended began with a detailed discussion (and this is an important distinction, Ra Ma's sessions are interactive and questions are encouraged) of the practice before us.  I find this very grounding, and appreciate the additional meaning I then find in the practice, whether it involves physical postures and breathwork or meditation.  I leave the practices feeling refreshed, and grounded, and hopeful, which in our current worldly environment is a precious and beautiful thing.  I highly recommend any of Ra Ma's offerings to anyone wishing to experience Kundalini Yoga and/or a community within which to explore their own spiritual evolution.    
— Joy Haldeman-Englert, Asheville, NC

I worked with Ra Ma privately after the birth of my second child.  My sadhana took on a whole new level. Her commitment and devotion to the path of Kundalini Yoga renewed me during this  transitional phase.  I am so grateful for her gentle and loving presence.  Our weekly visits brought delight, relief, and structure. Each week I looked forward to my time with her as I always left feeling uplifted and inspired.

Ra Ma's integrity and reverence to the lineage of Kundalini Yoga is powerful.  As I come to these teachings as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, I have high standards and Ra Ma's projection exceeded my expectations.  We share this lineage and it meant the world to connect with her and be in the vibration of what is possible.  Ra Ma is a leader in bringing in the Aquarian Age.  She's the real deal! 
— Krystal Kinnunen, L.A.c, Dipl. OM, Sacred Valley Acupuncture

First I would like to say, I love Ra Ma!  I started with an intimate women's circle which involved kundalini yoga, meditation, a gong bath, and stone elixirs.  The feminine energy I was surrounded with was uplifting, supportive, and loving.  A very encouraging space was provided for growth and transformation.

Then I had a private session with Ra Ma and choose to have a long gong bath. Her gong baths heal on a deep, deep cellular level. You simply relax while she works her magic and you can literally feel your body changing.  I have also taken Ra Ma's kundalini yoga class at Veda Studios. The space was nice, clean, and big with plenty of room for stretching and moving. A really great workout for your mind and body!  Ten steps up from regular yoga with a spiritual twist.

The wonderful conversations I have had with Ra Ma might be her best offering. A very wise woman who has put a lot of time into her craft so she can help others become their best.  I highly recommend Ra Ma and her medicine... especially to women!  
— Heidi Fiscus, Healing Asheville, Asheville, NC

I've been working with Danielle for over a year now and she has inspired me to practice Kundalini yoga every day. She often asks me what I need out of my practice and I sometimes offer suggestions but, the truth is, she always teaches a set that I need, both physically and spiritually. She is so very in tune with my struggles and needs as a woman, and that speciality is precious. She not only teaches Kundalini, but lives it and wholeheartedly believes in her practice. I never doubt her sincerity and she teaches me something new every time I see her. I couldn't have gotten through this year without her guidance. I am eternally grateful I have chosen her as my teacher.
— Samantha Sachs, CPA, Asheville, NC

Danielle is truly a gifted teacher.  She holds a Kundalini Yoga class with such intensity and grace, I am always left feeling whole and grounded; well submerged in the power and healing this yoga can offer.  I am inspired by Danielle to study Kundalini Yoga and deepen my own practice.  She holds the feminine sacred and motherhood angelic force while creating a safe space for women to expand and go deeply in her presence.  She is a gift to humanity and I confidently encourage anyone and everyone to be a student of her teachings.  
— Kerry Utah Green, Singer Songwriter, Asheville, NC

I attended Ra Ma's New Moon Meditation and Gong Bath at the Asheville Salt Cave and I have to say that evening was just incredible. Thank you for following your path and assisting me along mine. I will be back!   
— Melody Cox, Asheville, NC

I serendipitously met Danielle in the beginning of my pregnancy and am so blessed that I did.  She has made the last several months of my pregnancy so enjoyable and special by helping me physically with prenatal yoga and emotionally with all of her helpful knowledge and support.

Her presence and involvement as a doula during my labor was incredibly valuable.  Danielle made me feel comforted in a way that, nothing personal guys, only a woman can. She helped soothe me during a challenging natural birth. And from the moment my son was born, she was so loving and helpful as a postpartum doula. I am deeply grateful for the wonderfully positive role that she has played in our lives.
— Farrah Dragon Singer, Designer, Los Angeles, CA

My wife and I adore Danielle . . .The free and easy spirit she brings to her private yoga sessions makes our time spent with her fun, comfortable and relaxing --- like hanging out with an old friend. Our sessions with Danielle have not only played a huge part in my wife and I preparing for the birth of our child, but they've also helped get closer as a couple.  If Danielle were purple than purple would be my favorite color.
— Eric Singer, Screenwriter, Los Angeles, CA

Danielle was my private yoga instructor throughout my entire pregnancy. She was always incredibly well prepared for our sessions and stayed very much in tune with my limitations and needs as a pregnant woman.  I always felt very safe in her capable hands, and as a result, asked Danielle to help me through the postpartum stage as well.  Danielle spent two wonderful weeks helping my family adjust to the new baby.  I trusted that she was seeing to the baby's needs while I caught up on some much needed rest. My husband and I missed her dearly when her two weeks with us were up.

I know that the prenatal yoga we practiced together helped me bounce back more quickly once the baby was born, and I still do some of the poses she taught me. I couldn't recommend Danielle as a postpartum doula more, as she is a loving, calm presence in the midst of the chaos a new baby can bring into the home.  I don't know what my family, including my 3-year-old daughter, would have done without her in those first weeks.
— Amanda Schuon, Public Relations, Los Angeles

You can tell by the way Danielle teaches yoga that she is a very thoughtful and caring person. What I enjoyed most about her yoga class was her clear and precise instruction. Everything flowed so beautifully and effortlessly that I forgot I was even in a class.  When my husband and I interviewed her to be our birth doula, she made us feel very comfortable as if we were in the presence of an old friend.

Danielle supplied us with a lot of information and resources about birth in general that helped us in making the best decisions on how we wanted to birth. She is also a strong supporter of natural birth and an organic lifestyle.  Danielle had a very calming presence at my birth and she was very loving and thoughtful in everything she said and did. Both my husband and I felt very secure in her presence. It made all the difference for husband that we had a doula, because even after taking a birthing class and talking about what role he would play during the birth, when I went into labor it was challenging for him. When Danielle arrived she reminded him of his role and kept him focused on how he could help me the most.
— Buna Dorr, Artist, Pasadena, CA

In early December 2009 I met with Danielle for the first time – I felt comfortable with her immediately, as she is easygoing and personable.  Danielle was my doula for the birth of my first baby, and although I had hoped for a home birth, my insurance wouldn’t cover an out-of-hospital birth, so to the hospital I went.  The hospital environment makes it very difficult for a woman to endure the pain of labor and birth without meds.  I realize now that Danielle provided me with a different kind of anesthesia – human encouragement – that supplanted medication.  The pain, at times, was unbearable, and without the steadfast attention of Danielle, I would have no doubt requested an epidural.  My wish was to deliver Ida vaginally without pain medication into a dimly-lit, relaxed environment and have her placed on my chest immediately following birth, and I was able to do all those things.  Danielle was essential in making that possible.

I think Danielle is a natural educator and in addition to being a kindhearted and positive person, she is also spirited, aware, and attentive.  She is knowledgeable about homeopathy, yoga, aromatherapy, and acupressure, all of which come in handy for a birthing mother who wants a natural childbirth.  I will never forget my birthing experience and am grateful that Danielle will always be a happy part of that memory. 
— Lara Odell, Artist, Long Beach, CA

I cannot imagine having brought home our first child from the hospital without the help of Danielle.  She consistently and tirelessly proved invaluable to me and my wife.  Thanks to her we slept more, relaxed more, and focused more on loving and caring for our baby.  Danielle helped out in every way-- above and beyond just soothing our infant.  From picking up food to assembling a mobile, Danielle jumped in to help at all times.  She also proved a treasure of useful information that she presented to us in an easy to digest form.  Always helpful, never prescriptive, Danielle gave us the information we needed when we needed it.  If my wife and I have the opportunity to have a second child, I cannot imagine bringing that child home without the help of Danielle. 
— Dave Goetsch, Producer and Writer, Los Angeles, CA

You were a wonderful contributor to my pregnancy care!  I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed doing private yoga with you.  I think that it was a significant help to my labor and delivery.  My doula and the nurses at Cedars kept commenting on how well I maintained focus during a grueling labor and delivery.  They were also impressed that I was able to push out such a large baby in a short amount of time (it felt like forever, but it was about 30 minutes of pushing).  I learned a tremendous amount from you and felt well prepared!  Thank you so much! 
— Jennifer Dunbar, Architect, Los Angeles, CA

Danielle brought a calm presence and wealth of information to our birthing process.  We truly appreciated having her with us during this journey.  She was professional, dependable, and very informed. 
— Simon Anthony, Actor, Montreal, Quebec

Danielle has a rare gift in her ability to stay conscious and available through a long, arduous labor.  I felt such grace and ease around her due to her constant ability to be present with me no matter what.  Oh! And she was REALLY sweet to my dog and husband too!
— Jane Selle Morgan, Producer and Director, Albany, CA

Danielle provided the perfect level of support for us during our labor and delivery of our son in December 2008.  From massage to music to handholding (all requested by me!), we are so happy with our decision to have had a doula and to have found Danielle. She helped infuse our hospital birth with spirituality and gentleness, and she'll always be a part of Leo's life.
— Alex Prinstein, Tampa, FL

Danielle was our doula for the second half of our pregnancy and we were so thankful to have her.  We took three Birthing from Within workshops with her that provided information and positive ideas for our experience.  We learned many breathing and pain coping exercises as well as learned to speak deeper to each other about the emotional journey we were sharing as a couple.  At some point in our time with Danielle we found out our daughter was irreversibly breech and would need to go the route of a Cesarean birth.  This was very upsetting news for all of us but Danielle was there to support us till the end.  She continued to help us through it and met with us providing material and helpful tips for the c-birth experience.  Danielle was readily available for us over the phone and even for us in person up to the moment of labor and the day of the birth.  We also enjoyed the postpartum meeting and sharing our baby with her. It was a great and happy experience for all of us.
— Adam Titcher, Rabbi, Hamerkaz, Israel