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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States

Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.



Ra Ma Kaur calls on her passionate study of Kundalini Yoga, Elemental Medicine which includes the ancient Daoist lineage of Stone, Soundscapes, Ancestral Healing and Astrology to inspire and inform each offering she makes to her community. Current offerings include weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women's lunar gatherings, and ceremonies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  She works with women locally and virtually within the collective the Adi Shakti Coven.  Annually she offers a global pilgrimage in honor the Divine Feminine and an awakening of Earth stewardship. Ra Ma also makes handcrafted stone and plant medicines, flower essences and tonics, which are available in her apothecary. Offerings often emphasize the sacred sound science of mantra and gong bath healing. Ra Ma even chants mantra while making botanical and stone medicines in her kitchen. She is dedicated to midwifing cosmic evolution through the weaving of spaces of sovereign sanctuary where we may fall in love with our Earth.

The year of the Empress

Ra Ma

This is the year of the Empress. In tarot the Empress is the Great Mother. Vicki Nobel reminds us that the Empress offers great abundance, birth, growth, community and relationship. She is the mother, the lover and the teacher. She blends spirit and matter, the Goddess within the body and this is exactly what each one of us is doing in 2019 as we ground and anchor with the Saturn's teachings of self mastery.

In the collective psyche we have an opportunity to make great strides in clearing our grief, our most ancient ancestral grief. Those age old subconscious blocks that have held back our lineage from success are ready to be shed.

This year is guided by the energetics of the positive mind as tantric numerology breaks down 2019 into a 3. Three is the positive mind, which reminds us of our will power and confidence. The solution is to activate the positive mind so that each of us is able to see the myriad of solutions available. We are in the energetic of building, action and manifestation as we write our new stories from the great transformation of 2018.


We are activating our individual blueprints as Saturn is guiding us to manifest from the 3d world  to the great heights of the 5d. With the Empress, the Great Mother as creative muse, we are guided to shift the caliber within. We need not go chasing after our dreams, but instead must go within with sadhana, with spiritual practice to heal the core wounds. Through stillness, meditation, prayer and ritual all is possible.

As we sit in the midst of the Eclipse portal, this week ahead offers us an opportunity to recommit to our transformation. This is a time to look for hidden meanings and to dive into the mysteries, to dive into the shadow.  Knowledge is power and if we create the space, we have the ability to get to the root of the matter. With determination and patience there is an ability to use resources to realize our dreams.

As you find the harmony and good in situations, you live your creative genius, like a pearl in the oyster. The positive mind is reminding each one of us to be like sunshine, like the solar ray of the 3rd chakra. As we seek the brighter side of life, we may harness the power of the dream. What is your dream? 

In support of your journey through 2019 I invite you to join me on patreon and considering signing up for my monthly Cosmic Collective, Dreamcircles Ancestral Healing and Starwalker Astrology Salon.  You may learn all about these offerings here.  As you become a patron of my art, we have an opportunity to mutually support one another on this great cosmic journey called life!  And if you sign up today, you won't be billed until February 1st, so you will essentially receive all content for the month of January complimentary.  Which means if you find it is not a good fit, you may unsubscribe before you are billed.

I have crafted these offerings as a Call to what I hear many of you asking for. More support. A deeper understanding of astrology, ancestral healing and how to commit to a daily practice.  A community, a tribe.  And accountability to your self mastery.  If you are feeling exceptionally committed you can join in all three offerings as an Interstellar Supporter

2019 A Pearl in the Oyster

Ra Ma

Venusian blessings dear One,

Welcome to 2019!  This year we continue on with next level astrology that is forming each one of us like a diamond in the rough.  We will have 4 eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis and 1 eclipse on the Leo/Aquarius axis which will complete a cycle we began in May of 2017.  Cancer is all about feeling as the Great Engulfing Mother, while Capricorn is about contracting to get to the core. 

With the collective Nodes of Fate activating this polarity we can expect changes in home, family, heritage, alliances, security, identity and security.  The Dharmic work ahead is to create a sense of belonging, sanctuary, tribe and mobile roots that you bring with you everywhere you go. The karmic work will teach us how to shed the need to control, how to dissolve fears, how to let go of selfish behavior and where we need to shift focus from lack to potential.  This is the year to live your creative genius, to be a pearl in the oyster. 

Pearl was once a living mollusk and is formed around the soft tissue as a result of a parasite that make it through hard shell.  This stone contains large amounts of calcium carbonate and is deeply calming, with the ability to go straight to the Shen, which can be seen in Chinese medicine as the roots of the Spirit.  Pearl brings cycles to full circle while emitting light in the process.  Pearl will transform your thoughts into hope and beauty, assisting your deep core self to come in tune with the Divine Feminine.  


2019 is a mineral year that is asking each one of us to write our stories, to build that which is ready to be birthed through words, symbols and our actions. Mineral is the Element where memory is stored.  Memories that house our wellspring of creativity, our stories, our archetypal nature, our ability to conjure great resources.

The planet Saturn is deeply connected to the Mineral kingdom, ruling over crystals while bridging 3d and 5d.  In 2019 as Saturn and Pluto are awakening our essence with two conjunctions and a final third in early 2020.  These awakenings will offer us a new level of visionary activism, courage and strength. Community will be essential to these times, as in the historical past we have seen a rise of fascism, fanaticism, intense polarization and money markets crashing under this kind of astrology.  We must drop fear and instead focus on that which we are creating together in our communities as the salve for these times. 

While what may feel as heaviness from the teachings of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn as we deepen our paths of self mastery in the 3d world, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are offering us ways to continue to expand our spiritual growth and to consider how to evolve for the next seven generations to come.  This Saturday at 8:28 pm EST we welcome in the Capricorn New Moon partial Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse is asking us to look back to July 2000-2001 to review anything that needs to be shed that isn’t supporting your current evolution. With Eclipse energy if you refuse to make internal changes, external changes will be forced upon you.

This Eclipse has an emphasis on disruptors and awakeners offering super powerful energy for identifying any external blocks that may stand in your way and move past them.  The key is to be like water. How may you flow over, around, above and beyond the obstacles that keep you from embodying your highest destiny?

In support of your journey through 2019 I have a new offering to share with you!  I invite you to join me on patreon and considering signing up for my monthly Cosmic Collective, Dreamcircles and Starwalker astrology courses.  You may learn all about these offerings here.  As you become a patron of my art, we have an opportunity to mutually support one another on this great cosmic journey called life!  May this Capricorn New Moon support you immensely in setting the most potent intentions for 2019.  


In the beauty way,
Ra Ma

Together we are birthing a new dawn

Ra Ma

We are wrapping up the year of 2018, a Nature year in Dagara cosmology which signifies that each one of us has been through great transformation.  Nature is always in flux, shifting and growing, shedding and renewing. Astrologically 2018 offered the transitions of Chiron into Aries and Uranus into Taurus, a summer of retrogrades, 5 eclipses, Venus Retrograde in the Fall and the shifting of the Nodes of Fate from the Leo/Aquarius axis to the Cancer Capricorn axis.  As we are sealing this year of extremes, we have the opportunity for great healing as we shed old identities in preparation for 2019.

2019 heralds the Mineral year in Dagara cosmology.  Mineral is the Element where memory is stored. Memories that house our wellspring of creativity, our stories, our archetypal nature, our ability to conjure great resources.  This Mineral year is asking each one of us to write our stories, to build that which is ready to be birthed through words, symbols and our actions. Our bones, teeth, hair, nails all carry the mineral element.  Bones are like stones. The planet Saturn is deeply connected to the Mineral kingdom and this feels especially fitting for 2019 as Saturn and Pluto are awakening each one of us to the core of who we are.


The master teacher planet Saturn continues to explore his home sign of Capricorn and will meet Pluto in Capricorn twice in 2019 and once in early 2020.  We are entering a new phase of reality and an opportunity to grow like never before.  This work ahead will be the beginning of what we have been in training for since 2011.   

Together we are birthing a new dawn.  The last time these two planets came together was in 1518 when Martin Luther began the protestant reformation. 2019 is going to demand that each one of us walks with strength, with clarity and with purpose.  Daily practices that were non negotiable prior to 2019 will be downright necessary to thrive. We are being asked to drop all distractions, to create deeper connections as we continue on the paths of transformation.  It will be necessary for each one of us to face our inner and outer Truths. As we do so, we will create a real sense of belonging. Community will be essential for creative solutions to living on Earth, as community is necessary for our continued expansion.  In next week’s Venusian Love Notes I will unveil a special opportunity for you to create more wisdom and discipline in your lives for this year ahead.  

If you are local to the Asheville area, you are cordially invited to gather in my temple living room next Thursday for our Women’s Wisdom circle on the Dark Moon in Capricorn.  We will go deep into the astrology for the Capricorn Lunar cycle, which is in many ways like a hologram for the entire year of 2019. This first New Moon of the year comes in with a Solar Eclipse and a powerhouse of Capricorn energy that is ready to help you build what is essential to succeed in 2019.

In the beauty way,
Ra Ma

Yuletide Full Moon Blessing

Ra Ma

Yuletide Greetings dear Ones,

On this Venus Day we mark the shortest day and the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere with Yule, also known as Winter Solstice, which is exact today at 5:23 pm EST.  The Holy Days are upon us, and collectively we gather in the Cauldron of Regeneration in this quiet season of stillness.  

Yule means wheel in Norwegian and is the time of year the Sun enters Capricorn, marked by Saturnalia. As we reclaim the dark, making peace with endings, we complete old cycles, passing the Dark of the Sun, and we welcome new beginnings, as we witness the Rebirth of the Sun.

Each day moving forward from today the Sun’s light will increase to the zenith of Summer Solstice, also known as Lithia.  Megalithic sites and other sacred temples around the world mark the movement of the Sun’s light, particularly the Winter Solstice.  This festival of rebirth is not just a beginning, it is also a renewal. And therefore, looking back to the past is just as essential as looking forward.


Both Samhain and Yule offer times of darkness, where the inner realms may expand and come to the forefront, so that we may experience the world within, our deepest Truths.  This is a time of birthing our visions, naming the dreams we have been incubating.

On Saturday at 12:48 pm EST the Full Moon is exact at 0°49' Cancer. This Full Moon is at the 1st degree of cardinal Cancer, marking that as much as this is a completion or an illumination, there is also a bright new beginning that is seeded within this cycle. This Full Moon is a continuation of December's themes that when we make space to feel, we do indeed heal.

We are moving towards the exact trine on Sunday where the destiny stream of the North Node in Cancer merges with the great healing abilities of Chiron in Pisces, sealing a great healing that is available to each one of us. As we are willing to step fully into the deeper, darker feelings to allow them to surface, to witness that which is uncomfortable so that it too may pass, we will complete a long lasting cycle in a profound way. A cycle that could even take you back to 2000-2001.

The Cancer Full Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries, offering creative expansion of genius solutions through our ability to feel. You may feel or intuit cosmic insights and receive instant inventive keys to long term dilemmas. And perhaps most importantly, Venus trines Neptune offering waves of love, mysticism, deep relaxation and creativity. One more major aspect worth noting is that the Moon will join with Betelgeuse in Orion, a fixed star associated with honor, wealth and great power. This is a prime time to be fully engaged with your intuitive powers and to be open to unexpected opportunities.

I'm offering a special class this Friday morning so please join me at 8:45 am at West Asheville Yoga if you live in the Asheville area.  As I mentioned last week, my apothecary is beginning to come alive again.  I find myself reaching for the Magdalene's Muse anointing oil and the Auric Root Mist daily.  In honor of the season, everything is 18% off with code YULETIDE for the next 7 days.  And if you are looking for a seasonal virtual ritual, I invite you to scroll to the bottom of this love note and join me in a circle of wise womxn for a complimentary journey into Winter's Womb.  

May you continue to honor the tender spaces of your being as we culminate this wildly transformative year of 2018.  


In the beauty way,
Ra Ma

Feeling and Healing

Ra Ma

We are near the completion of the Samhain portal of shedding and letting go, while the time of great darkness, of going deep within is upon us.  The most revolutionary action you may take now is to feel your feelings.  Today we have the Moon conjunct Neptune and Mars in Pisces offering us a space to feel all of the feelings.  It is deep and vast.  Pisces is the mystic, the artist, the channel whom offers deep sensitivity, compassion and love.  With this energetic current we can easily struggle with escapism, avoiding reality and unhealthy boundaries.  The goddesses Venus and Ceres are both in Scorpio and in a trine with the Moon, Neptune and Mars so the ability to dive into the dark and unknown territories of consciousness is readily available, creating a space for true healing.  

Chiron in Pisces is trining the North Node in Cancer allowing us to merge all of the mending that is bestowed upon us with this collective dream of belonging, placing roots into the Earth wherever you may roam, crafting true sanctuary within.  Next Friday we welcome Yule, also known as Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) at 5:23 pm EST. 

Together we will gather in the Cauldron of Regeneration in the yin season of stillness.  I'm offering a special class next Friday at West Asheville Yoga 8:45-10am in honor of Winter Solstice.  All levels and abilities are always welcome.  Also in honor of Yule, you are cordially invited to join me in the encore presentation of Entering Winter's Womb where I will guide you on a journey to the sacred landscape of Stonehenge, as our bodies truly carry ancestral wisdom and this is the season to turn inward in that exploration.  You may scroll to the bottom of this week's Venusian Love Notes to find more details.  

My apothecary is beginning to come alive again after the profound pilgrimages of 2018.  I find myself reaching for the Magdalene's Muse anointing oil and the Auric Root Mist daily.  I love both of these for traveling and for staying grounded, keeping my boundaries lovingly protected and for staying anchored in my heart.

May you honor the tender spaces of your being as we begin to bring this transformative year of 2018 to close.  


In the beauty way,
Ra Ma

Sagittarius New Moon of Truth

Ra Ma

This morning at 2:20 am we welcomed the final New Moon of the year of 2018.  The Moon and Sun finally met up together in Jupiter's home of Sagittarius offering us the great gift of expansion and growth.  Jupiter wishes to widen where Sagittarius lives in your chart, and the growth is all about the soul ascending beyond the material world.  Sagittarius brings wild adventurous horse energy, the expansive gypsy one who traverses through higher wisdom and knowledge.  

That being said, this is an important time to anchor to the Great Mother, to your Ancestors, to the Medicine that lives in your bones, as we are in the Dark Sun of the Wheel of the Year.  We are still in the Samhain portal and are making our way towards Yule, a great rebirth.  

This New Moon also welcomes a grand water trine as the North Node is in Cancer, Mercury is in Scorpio and Chiron is in Pisces.  There are many, oh so many feelings to be felt.  This is a beautiful time to find the music to match your mood.  Allow the waves of emotions to move through your body through dance, tears, or whatever it takes to experience and healthfully clear the feelings.  So many of us hold the emotions in and then later in life we are so full and repressed that illness sets in.  Our human emotions are absolutely beautiful and a gift.  

For those of you interested in crafting New Moon intentions, considering themes around a quest for Truth, spirituality and meditation, nature, faith, higher education and foreign travel.  Perhaps part of what you are seeding with this New Moon is about that which you are truly ready to let go of.  Sometimes a great sacrifice is needed to receive immense gifts from the Otherworld.  Many of us are shedding our snake skins.  The karmic completion degree of Uranus in Aries at 29° is still being activated at this New Moon, carving out a space for us to examine where in our lives endings need to be allowed, where the unresolved issues need to be faced, and met.  

Today in class I felt called to share how some sort of daily practice is absolutely essential in these times.  (If you need help navigating a daily practice, send me an email).  The astrology of 2019 is deeply purifying with the Saturn and Pluto conjunctions.  We need an anchor in this wild times.  The North Node in Cancer is asking each one of us to create sanctuary wherever we may roam, to call in our soul tribe, and to commit to creating a strong and true sense of inner security. 

May you navigate these times with ease and grace.  Sagittarian New Moon blessings.

2_Doorway2 small.jpg

In the beauty way,

Ra Ma

karmic completion

Ra Ma

The Snake Goddess is a version of the Primordial Goddess that can be found from many cultures across Earth, including Ancient Egypt and India.  I deepened my connection with her in college when I met the Paleolithic Goddesses of Ancient Europe.  The snake and the spiral are seen as one and the same in the art of Old Europe dating back to 5000 BCE.  

Snakes conjure up vitality, rejuvenation, mastery of Kundalini, the ability to face death and walk through the fire into rebirth.  The Snake Goddess is a mistress of sacred waters. Much like the dragon, the Snake Goddess rules over life giving waters and moves through a meander of etheric labyrinths.  Here you will find a clay sculpture I made in homage to her back in 2002, and Judy Chicago's place setting for her in The Dinner Party.


We are in the midst of major karmic completion during these times. The astrology has written it all over the stars. Today Venus (who is fresh from her 40+ day rebirth) opposes Uranus at his degree of karmic completion of a cycle we began back in 2011. This dynamic is pushing us to grow with the Nodes of Fate, fresh on the Cancer and Capricorn axis.  These Nodes of Fate are directing each one of us to a completion of a cycle that began around 2000-2001. Essentially we are all in a time of dramatic shifts and a major crossroad. The choices we make will greatly affect our life paths.

Clearly, this is a major time to level up.  2018 is a Nature year of observing what needs to shift, what needs to transform. And 2019 is the year to rewrite your story and anchor the transformation into a new reality on Earth.

Next Thursday we will gather in my temple living room on the Dark Moon of the Dark Moon phase of the year in honor of the Sagittarius New Moon to come. We are in the dark of the dark as we seek the highest Truth and wisdom. Clarity and insight may be found when we sit in stillness and mystery. All who identify as woman are invited to join us in a circle of sacred sisterhood as we share cosmic insights, council, meditation and sound healing.

We may lean on the medicine of the Snake Goddess in these times. There is something that has come to full completion in your life that is ready to be shed. Now is the time to strip away the layers to step even more fully into your own unique and authentic medicine.  Your sacrifice, your offering will open the way to greater gifts.  We need your medicine now more than ever.

In the beauty way,

Ra Ma


☥ Beaver Gemini Full Lunation ☥

Ra Ma

Gemini Full Moon blessings to you on this day of infinite possibilities.  The Full Moon occurs on this Friday, 11/23 at 12:39 am EST, just after the Sun has entered Sagittarius.  This is a unique Full Moon because the Sun is about to catch up to Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

Remember when Jupiter entered Sagittarius just two weeks ago?  Well moving forward for the next 11 months, all that we are creating, expanding and growing into will be magnificently magnified.  These are potent times of support in all the ways we are seeking evolution.  However we are still in the death portal of the Wheel of the Year, meaning that this is the prime time for shedding and letting go. 

The Gemini Sagittarius axis is all about information, ideas, communication, higher mind, truth and authenticity.  Therefore this lunation is an important time to get clear in your thoughts and communication, particularly with your own inner dialog.  And this is a ripe opportunity for healing with the Sun and Jupiter trining Chiron in Pisces.  May you take a moment during this moon phase to witness how far you have come on your healing journey in 2018.  This has been a mighty year.  

As we are just culminating the American holiday of Thanksgiving, I wish to honor all of the Native Americans who are the true wisdomkeepers and stewards of this soil.  The reality is that many of our First Nation sisters and brothers still suffer, and for them this national holiday is a day of mourning.  So many tribal Native American teachings are based on loving and tending to Mother Earth.  I believe we won't have true peace, harmony and equality in this country until we are willing to face the brutalities of American history and offer apologies to those who have been harmed.   This Beaver Moon is a beautiful time to question how you think, what you think, and how you communicate personally and collectively.  

the Temple of Abu Simbel

the Temple of Abu Simbel

Today I launch a new class at West Asheville Yoga studio from 8:45-10 am on Fridays.  I invite you to join us to receive the transmissions of this Full Moon with deep meditation and a long gong.  I am taking over Sierra's class slot and wish for you to know that she will be announcing a new evening class in the coming weeks at WAY, so please stay tuned. 

As we are still in the depths of the Underworld and letting go, I wish to share with you one of my greatest allies, Great Grandmother Hematite.  This hematite medicine has truly been my anchor for a number of years now.  If you have experienced any of my women's ceremonies or pilgrimages, you have met her too, most likely in the form of a tonic or guided meditation.  She is grounding, compassionate and nurtures us in all the ways we have been abandoned or isolated.  Scroll down to learn more, or visit this link.  May she nourish you during these times.  

a Rebirth and a Descent

Ra Ma

As many of you know, today Venus goes direct while Mercury stations retrograde.  This is very much like the myth of Inanna where her lover Dumuzi takes her place in the Underworld upon her great Return.  Mercury travels to the Underworld with the greatest frequency of all the planets in our solar system, symbolically offering us times of reflection, of renewal and of rebirth around our thoughts, our ideas, our ways of communication, teaching us how to navigate the realms of Spirit and matter.  

For many of us, Venus retrograde has carved out a space in our lives for a great descent to review our self worth relationship.  Wherever the late degrees of Libra and early degrees of Scorpio are in your chart is where you emerging from a major rebirth.  Personally I have received renewal in my first house, signifying my relationship to self, my identity, and my I am presence.  I spent half of the retrograde in Egypt, a land that has called my soul for many, many years, which set the stage for an impactful experience.  I knew I would have a deep journey, however what shifted and awoke inside of me was far beyond that which I would have expected.

the Temple of Dendera

the Temple of Dendera

And that is how these immense periods of renaissance can be.  A few weeks ago, I was at the French Broad River giving offerings with my mother and she asked, 'When will this intense astrology let up?'.  This is a question I hear quite often from students, friends and neighbors.  I replied that in reality this is the new normal.  

Whether conscious of it or not, we are all going through such deep transition on the planet.  We are witnessing the death of old paradigms that have burdened humanity and our Earth.  And we are witnessing the rise of new consciousness woven with the ways of the Ancients that will activate and inspire a new wave of living in harmony.  However to arrive at this place requires much dedication, determination, the ability to sit with all that is uncomfortable, to face the shadows within and integrate the hidden spaces that wish to come forward.  This is major work!  And we are together, in the cauldron of transformation.  Community and communion is the way through.

As of yesterday, the Nodes of fate have just shifted their axis from the Leo/Aquarius axis to the Cancer/Capricorn axis.  Collectively we are working towards opening up and experiencing deep feelings of nurturing, to face the sensitive issues, to go dive into the watery realms of the subconscious while honoring the hearth and the home.  

When Jupiter leapt into Sagittarius last week, I offered you one of my favorite meditations, Gyan Chakra Kriya to help support these times.  Many of you have begun the practice and are finding great strength in it.  Please share your success stories and feedback with me!  And you are encouraged to join us if you feel the call. 

In honor of Venus's rebirth, I leave you with a poem written to Hathor in the Temple of Dendera.  Hathor is an Egyptian goddess who very much carries the Venusian threads of consciousness in her mythology.   

In the beauty way,
Ra Ma


Hymn to Hathor in the Temple of Dendera
translated by Miriam Lichtheim

The King, Pharaoh, comes to dance, 
He comes to sing;
Mistress, see the dancing, 
Wife of Horus, see the skipping!

He offers it to you,
This jug;
Mistress, see the dancing,
Wife of Horus, see the skipping!

His heart is straight, his inmost open,
No darkness is in his breast;
Mistress, see the dancing,
Wife of Horus, see the skipping!  . . .

O beauteous one, O cow, O great one,
O great magician, O splendid lady, O queen of gods!
The King reveres you, Pharaoh, give that he live!
O queen of gods, he reveres you, give that he live!

Behold him, Hathor, mistress, from heaven, 
See him, Hathor, mistress from lightland, 
Hear him, flaming one, from ocean!
Behold him, queen of gods, from sky, from earth,
From Nubia, from Libya, from Manu, from Bakhu, 
From each land, from each place, where your majesty shines!

Behold what is in his inmost, 
Though his mouth speaks not;
His heart is straight, his inmost open,
No darkness is in his breast! 
He reveres you, O queen of gods, 
Give that he live!  . . . 

He comes to dance,
He comes to sing!
His bag is of rushes,
His basket of reeds,
His sistrum of gold,
His necklace of malachite.

His feet hurry to the mistress of music, 
He dances for her, she loves his doing!

Gyan Chakra Kriya

Ra Ma

As of November 7, 2018 Jupiter is transiting its home sign of Sagittarius. As a gift for all the opportunities that are ripe to pour forth, I invite you to join me on a special sadhana with a meditation called Gyan Chakra Kriya. This meditation is known as the most sacred kriya of the yogis.  I have created two videos to assist you in this journey.  The first is an introduction to explain in depth why this meditation will assist you and the second is the practice. 

This meditation will brighten your halo and build your aura to an effortless state of prosperity, while also strengthening the heart, joints and intuitive abilities.  As Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini master who brought this technology to the West stated, “This will get for you all what you need in the planet and what your longitude and latitude. You will have altitude and attitude of prosperity. Height. It will give you height. And you will see better, you can see bigger, you can think bigger, you can think best. All will come to you.”

I began this meditation in the early Spring of 2015 and committed to the practice for 16 months. As we are culminating this powerful year of an 11 which nudging each one of us to fully embody our mastery, I am inspired to pick this meditation back up. I began with the Scorpio New Moon on Lunar and Solar Samhain and am committing to 1000 days. We are taught in Kundalini technology that when one practices for 1000 days straight you master the the consciousness of the kriya and it is always available to serve you when needed. Perhaps you’ll join me? I encourage you to commit to 40 days. Then perhaps you will wish to continue on for another 40? Feel free to let me know if you are in, and email if you would like the write up, the music or any other support!

Infinite blessings,

Ra Ma


a Jupiter expansion gift for you 🏹

Ra Ma

Welcome to another weekly offering of the Venusian Love Notes.  We entered a deep portal of death and letting go this Wednesday and from what I am observing, it seems as if we are all feeling it.  I am currently in my local tea shop writing as my internet went out at home this morning.  I can hear conversations of overwhelm and intensity all around me,, and everyone is speaking of their feelings.  We are in the watery abyss of Scorpio season and it is the time of year for reflection and revelation from the swamp within.  

Wednesday was both Lunar and Solar Samhain when we welcomed the Scorpio lunation which will impact us all for the remaining 26 days of this cycle.  In the Northern Hemisphere we are in the season of Fall.  Energetically this is a major time of letting go, shedding and endings.  Healthy endings are essential for new beginnings.  That is the true beauty of this time of year.  

This time of year is associated with the dark goddess, whom became demonized in the Middle Ages.  Hag was once known as a holy woman, a wise woman, a healer, a shamanic traveler of time and space, a shapeshifter.  Darkness is the place of true fertility, of the primordial waters, the beginning of creation and life.  Womb and tomb are the way of life.  

Within this depth portal, where are you dying?  Where do the edges of your shadows meet the light?  What are you sacrificing?  Where are you lying in rest, in stillness?

In the sarcophagus of the Queen's Pyramid, Khafre, Giza

In the sarcophagus of the Queen's Pyramid, Khafre, Giza

Yesterday Jupiter shifted from the 29th degree of completion in Scorpio to the beginning of Sagittarius.  This is a major shift for all of us in our personal and collective lives.  The Venus retrograde we are still experiencing is clearing out space for each one of us to receive that which is truly meaningful for our paths at this time. 

The largest planet in our solar system has entered his home sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter offers the wisdom of how the soul may ascend beyond the material plane.  This planet of spirituality assists one to grow beyond their perceived limitations, teaching that as we expand, we bring in success, wealth, higher concepts and greater creativity.  Jupiter in Sagittarius wishes to grow the realms of teaching, higher learning, beliefs, foreign travel and languages.  And the way to do all of this is through the Highest Truth.  

As a gift for this next year ahead, I invite you to join me on a special sadhana with a meditation called Gyan Chakra Kriya, also known as the most sacred kriya of the yogis.  I have created two videos to assist you in this journey.  One is an introduction to explain in depth why this meditation will assist you and you may find the link here.  Dive right into the practice at this link

This meditation will brighten your halo and build your aura to an effortless state of prosperity, while also strengthening the heart, joints and intuitive abilities.  As Yogi Bhajan stated, “This will get for you all what you need in the planet and what your longitude and latitude. You will have altitude and attitude of prosperity. Height. It will give you height. And you will see better, you can see bigger, you can think bigger, you can think best. All will come to you.”

On this first full day of Jupiter in Sagittarius, I drew Joan of Arc in divination. I believe that she steps forward to remind each one of us to always speak our highest Truth. To live our lives with our authentic pulse.   The cosmos are aligning with Jupiter in Sagittarius to empower each one of us to fully embody this sovereign energy.  Mother Earth needs you to. Your lineage needs you to. We need you to too.

In the beauty way,
Ra Ma