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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States


Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.

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2019 Avalon

Women at the Well

calling her daughters home

9-19 august 2019

avalon pilgrimage


dear sister, maiden, friend, lover, womxn, mother, queen, elder, priestess, witch, sage, wise one,

Avalon is Calling Her daughters home.  

Do you feel it in your bones?

It is time.  

Come journey through the mists, along the dragon and faerie lines of Glastonbury, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, St. Nectan's Glen, Tintagel, Merlin's Cave and Madron Well.  

We will activate the medicine in our bones with Mother Earth, the sacred springs of Avalon and the ancient stones. This work is in honor of our highest wisdom, our lineages, humanity, the Four Elemental Mothers and the Great Goddess.

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The Chalice Well Gardens and St. Nectan's Glen will be our sacred resting places.  Each of these powerful sites offer an abundance of nourishing holy water and countless flora and fauna.  You will be offered three delicious organic vegetarian meals with gluten free and dairy free options each day.  While you receive the medicine of sacred sites activations you are lovingly held in a nurturing container by Ra Ma and her tribe.  You will have plenty of integration time to sink deep into the Land. Daily rhythm will include yoga and meditation, breakfast, morning council, lunch, rest and integration time, afternoon council, dinner, and occasional evening councils.

Pilgrimages with Ra Ma are life changing and an immersion into your Soul.  Each day we will weave earth medicine activation, ancestral heart healing, communion and council.  Our councils will include kundalini yoga, meditation, sound medicine, story telling, ceremony, deep nature immersion, womb healing, water healing, visionary art, sacred craft, and ancestral healing.  You may explore previous pilgrimages with Ra Ma here to get a deeper sense of the council offerings.

Glastonbury is a gateway to the Unseen. It has been a holy place and pilgrim-way from time immemorial, and to this day it sends its ancient call into the heart of the race it guards, and still we answer to the inner voice.
— Dion Fortune

women at the well includes:

☥ 7 nights of private access and lodging at the Chalice Well Gardens

☥ 3 nights of private access and lodging at the magical waterfall of St. Nectan’s Glen

☥ 2 hour private ceremony at Stonehenge

☥ The Avebury Stones and Silbury Hill

☥ Crop circle hunting

☥ The White Spring of Avalon

☥ The Magdalene Chapel

☥ The Glastonbury Abbey and the sacred Egg Stone

☥ Archangel Meditation at Burrow Mump

☥ Sound healing and meditation in Merlin’s Cave

☥ The ruins of Tintagel Castle

☥ Tracing a bronze age labyrinth

☥ Madron Well in Cornwall

☥ St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall

☥ An immersion into the Sacred Geometry of Avalon and the Glastonbury Zodiac

☥ A deep communion with the Michael and Magdalene ley lines

☥ Private Four Elemental Mothers Ceremony dedicated to the Celtic Goddesses of Avalon

☥ A wellspring of astrological wisdom to support your journey

☥ Daily Councils as described above

☥ Consistent Priestess support by Ra Ma and her team

☥ Elixir medicine making

☥ Private coach travel throughout pilgrimage

☥ 3 vegetarian meals each day, lovingly prepared with gluten and dairy free options

☥ A travel manual and packing list to support your pilgrimage

☥ 2 virtual councils and a curriculum in preparation for our journey

☥ 2 virtual integration councils for your support post pilgrimage

Women are the spinners, and the weavers; no matter how deeply we lose ourselves in the dark woods, we can always picture the shining thread of the river, far off in the distance. Women know how to find the way out of the woods; we have only to remember that we know it.
— Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted

This pilgrimage welcomes all who identify as womxn. This pilgrimage is for those wishing to deeply feel, to truly heal.  To receive the full itinerary and an application you mail email Space is limited.  Learn more about Avalon here.

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Our pilgrimage to Glastonbury and the surrounding sacred sites proved to be a magical adventure. Ra Ma created a true journey of the Spirit. Her attention to every detail was found in our rituals and songs. Ra Ma revealed the mysteries of this land as we journeyed to each sacred site and the sisterhood that was created will be treasured by each of us for years to come. I highly recommend experiencing any future retreats with Ra Ma for yourself. It was life changing.
— Gisele Perez
This was a magical opportunity to deep dive into sacred sisterhood and journey to the most potent and transformational sites of The Divine Feminine.
Ra Ma’s clear, grounded and carefully designed itinerary allowed for an embodied experience that awakened deep personal and planetary transformation. In particular, I loved how the Kundalini Yoga anchored the theme of the day and it was as though each day of the pilgrimage was a crescendo culminating in a grand finale on the New Moon Solar Eclipse.
I do believe this was a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget and as magical as the rainbows that were always greeting our group. Ra Ma is a committed, wise and soulful facilitator who you can trust to guide you into the depths of who are you are and support the transformation that you are seeking.
— Terra Christoff
Ra Ma is an incredibly committed and intentional light being. I experienced tremendous ancestral lineage healing, a deep connection to our Great Mother and the Divine Feminine within.
This journey went beyond anything I had imagined. The healing I experienced in my womb space has allowed me to come home and birth the things I am destined to bring forth to assist in the healing of our planet.

My gratitude comes from the deepest recesses of my heart. Thank you Ra Ma for your work and committed intentions in crafting a journey of a lifetime.
— Yonah Ray